About Us

At Litz Custom Homes we know building new homes requires the right tools, superior materials, and hard work. But building your dream home requires more. That's why at Litz Custom Homes — before a shovel hits the dirt... before a foundation is ever poured... before a brick is ever laid — our experienced and professional associates will sit with you to create or modify a plan for a home that meets your needs, and select a community or location that compliments your lifestyle.

Our goal is, and will always be, to achieve long-term customer satisfaction with a home you can be proud of as uniquely your own.

Keith Litz: Owner/Builder

Keith Litz

Keith Litz, both the owner and builder at Litz Custom Homes, plays an active role in all aspects of your new home-building experience. You and your new home will benefit from Keith's 23 years of knowledge, experience and his prompt attention to detail. Talent, product quality & value pricing , make a Litz Home truly a rare commodity in today's new home industry.

Keith is a hands on builder. You will find him at each of his sites daily and often with a hammer in his hand, making sure that your home is being built the way you expect. Want to move a wall or add a sunroom? Enlarge the bathroom shower and add a rainhead? That's all part of the project. The goal is to create a home that encompasses YOUR ideas, built with quality materials and appointments by someone with knowledge and concern. At all times, both before and during construction you will have access to the builder of YOUR home.

Keith’s mission for Litz Custom Homes is to do all of this while maintaining prices that compete with the costs to own most standard-built homes. We work with you on everything from the design, to the financing, to the landscaping, side-by-side, every step of the way.

Josh Litz: Builder

Keith Litz

Josh Litz has been working part time with his father Keith since he was in HS. Josh Attended West Virginia University and returned home to obtain a full-time position with Litz Custom Homes in 2009. As a carpenter, Josh performs tasks on all areas & aspects of the construction projects. He works with blueprints and checks work along the ways to ensure it’s up to code and specifications. Josh is responsible for creating structures to pour concrete, installing fixtures, doors, stair and many other tasks using a wide variety of materials and tools. Josh maintains his father’s high quality work and safety standards.

Julie Cronan: Sales Representative

Julie Cronan

With over 23 years in the home buying & selling business, Julie is known to be pro-active in customer care. She has spent much of her career specializing in new home construction and has learned that the success of this process depends on all those involved — a team of buyer, builder and sales associate.

Julie’s role at LItz is to coordinate your expectations and desires with the skills and quality workmanship of Litz Custom Homes. Her approach is based her belief that “Communication is the Key”. Through her many years of experience, Julie has learned that simply understanding a client’s expectations from the onset of a project can help avoid misunderstandings and develop a superior customer relationship.

Julie will interactively assist you in everything from financing, through selections and structural changes, and on to settlement. She will be present for all meetings and inspections, and can even assist you in the sale of your current home if needed. Julie’s education and proven success contributes to the strong core of the Litz team of professionals. Her extensive experience with the home-building process, stability in this business, and responsible reputation should put your mind at ease knowing that your home-building experience will be as comfortable and pleasant as you would like it to be.

Wayne Dudley: Kitchen Designer

Julie Cronan

Your dream kitchen becomes a reality with Wayne Dudley at Cord’s Custom Cabinetry. Wayne has over 17 years of experience in kitchen design. Together with a 3D computer program, you and Wayne will design, change & refine the kitchen plan that best suits both your budget and your style. As the head designer and store manager, Wayne has the knowledge you need when choosing quality materials, colors and shapes. As a former Air Force personal & present Grandfather, both patience and discipline are natural to Wayne and both qualities will work to enhance your total experience. Together you & Wayne will create a model kitchen for your home & your family’s everyday life!

Tim Miller: Architect

Julie Cronan

Tim Miller at 84 Lumber is the perfect source to help you with your floor plan design. Tim will incorporate your ideas into your plan and create that home you have been dreaming about. Tim at 84 Lumber, together with Keith Litz, makes your home design a reality.

Karla Melgar: Mortgage Professional

Julie Cronan

Karla Melgar is a mortgage professional with Embrace Home Loans. She has 43 years of mortgage banking experience, with over 25 years of experience in new construction. She offers a wide variety of products to meet your needs including FHA, VA, Conventional, and Rural Housing loans, as well as the ability to lock rates for up to 6 months. Karla is committed to helping each and every one of her customers to reach their financial goals. When looking to purchase a new home, she has the experience and the resources to help make your dreams of homeownership a reality.